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No Seriously, It Works! Just Take a Deep Breath.

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

What the? How in the world did you land on this page? Wait, I know. The universe has a message for you today and trust me. You didn't even know you needed this today, and your body will thank you for this. Y'all ready? Here we go.

Meditation: Embrace the Breath of Serenity

Alright, let's get into some breath work, and low key, you can totally keep your eyes open and read this while you meditate. Find a cozy spot, take a slow, deep breath in, and feel the universe's energy filling your lungs like cosmic stardust. As you exhale, release any tension, letting go of worries and distractions, and watch them vanish into the abyss.

With each breath, let your mind become more aware of any tense muscles, and give them a permission slip to relax in this moment. You deserve this cosmic chill-out session! You matter in this vast universe, and it's time to let all that unnecessary stuff go!

Take a moment here. Embrace the cosmic stillness within you, feel the energy flowing through your veins like a cosmic river. Notice any quirky thoughts creeping in (it's totally normal, we all have 'em). Observe them without judgment, letting them flow like cosmic clouds. Just remember, those thoughts are like cosmic tourists, visiting and passing through.

If some pesky distractions try to crash your cosmic party, just kindly say, "Oh, hello there! It's time to exit the cosmic stage now because I'm connecting with my higher self and unlocking the powers of the universe!"

As you keep breathing mindfully, soak in the essence of the present moment. This cosmic moment is where all the magic happens. Unlock the inner peace and cosmic calmness within you. Carry this cosmic serenity with you as you navigate life's cosmic rollercoaster. Embrace the surrender to the cosmic flow because, sis, we got no control over the cosmic tide.

And seriously, let that stuff go, girl!

Here's a tip:

Jot down all those to-dos swirling in your brain before bedtime, so you can free your mind from

cosmic clutter and enjoy some wild and fun cosmic dreams. Let's give our cosmic mind a break and make space for cosmic adventure!

Embracing the Mindful Lifestyle

Mindfulness isn't just some trendy practice; it's a way of living that'll take you on an adventure like no other. So get ready to embrace consciousness in every nook and cranny of your existence! Whether you're munching on a snack or having a chat with your buddies, let mindfulness sprinkle its magic into every moment.

It's time to give yourself some love and care! Self-care becomes an out-of-this-world nurturing session where you pamper yourself like the celestial being you are. And guess what? As you immerse yourself in the pool of mindfulness, those connections with others are gonna start shining like starlit constellations in the night sky.

Conclusion: Let the Journey Begin

So, wanderers, let's walk this path together and embrace the beauty of the present moment. Whether you're sipping tea or stargazing, let mindfulness light up your journey like a fireworks show. And remember, each moment is a chance to discover your inner magic. It's time to let your light shine bright and spread love all around!

If your looking for daily symbolic reminders to keep yourself grounded feel free to explore our Spiritual Eye Vibes Jewelry. With a wide range of collections to help with your journey.

Are you ready for this lifestyle? Buckle up, 'cause it's gonna be a ride you'll never forget. Let's go and make every moment count!

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